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The creative guys over at the Bits From Bytes HQ in the UK were able to design and print a fully working RC Car with just a copy of Alibre Design Software and a 3DTouch. They were able to design and print almost everything from springs, to Wheel hubs, to the body and more! 

After being designed the car was quickly, accurately, and afford-ably printed using the 3DTouch 3D printer.  Almost everything component of the car was 3D printed including the gears, axles and springs, the only parts not printed were the electrical elements, the tires and of course the nuts and bolts. The majority chassis was printed using ABS, while the battery containment unit and the body were printed using PLA. 

If you want to print your very own RC buggy all you need is a 3DTouch and a copy of the files below.Get Printing!

Busters RC Car (STL files and Parts List) ZIP File 1.3Mb




Written by Shopify — August 27, 2012